Your first training session

For your first session, make sure that everything is ready to work…

  • Ensure that the batteries in the collar and transmitter have sufficient charge.
  • Check that the collar is turned on and tuned to match your handset.
  • Fit the collar and check that it is a snug fit.
  • Having determined the appropriate intensity level for your dog (see previous section), be ready to set it when required.
  • In the case of dogs endowed with a thick coat, it might be necessary using a hair trimmer to remove some of his “high insulation” fur from under the neck, to allow better probe contact (NB trim down to the undercoat – not to the skin!). His fur will grow back to normal in a short while. Alternatively, you might need to change over to the smaller radius probes (supplied with your kit) that should enable better contact with your dog’s neck.
  • Conductivity can be enhanced using an aqueous gel, similar to that used by physiotherapists.
  • In most cases it should now be time to let the dog off his lead…
  • But, if you are training him against other-animal-chasing (e.g. sheep), since you will have no clear idea how your dog will respond, you might like to attach a long flexi-line as an additional fail-safe.