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Pacdog – Your training partner

PAC has been at the forefront of dog training and containment systems for over 25 years. Our formula for success has been to supply high quality, innovative products supported by the best customer service in the industry. Check our breed-specific testimonials page and see for yourself.

Evidence of this is borne by the fact that a significant proportion of PAC’s business is won by ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from our large, very satisfied customer set. All our products are accompanied by fully descriptive Instructions for Use and Training Guides to ensure the most humane introduction of the equipment for the training of your canine companions, whether they be one, or more, family pets, ‘soul mates’,
or for the more demanding requirements of Hunt Point Retrieve and other working dogs.

Our electric dog fence offers a great way to reduce the intrusiveness of a secure, conventional fence whilst enabling your dog to roam free inside an invisible boundary. Flowerbeds, swimming pools and child-play-areas can be isolated within the boundary to give added sophistication – and peace of mind.

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